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R&D and Innovation
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Global Health

R&D strategy:R&D of stratified medicines, serial medicines and progressive medicines according to R&D strategic planning with biologics as the core.

Short-term:For short-term strategies, Kexing Biopharm concentrates on the deep development of new dosage forms, new indications, and long lifecycles of recombinant protein drugs to achieve synergistic effects with the marketed products and strengthen the competitiveness of marketed products.

Medium- and Long-term Strategies:For medium and long-term strategies, Kexing Biopharm concentrates on new antibodies, new proteins, and nucleic acid drugs against oncology, immunological diseases, and degenerative diseases, etc. to continuously improve its innovation and advancement capacities in R&D product pipelines.

Global R&D layout:four R&D centers

Shandong R&D Center(Industrial transformation, Product technology improvement),Shenzhen Medical Research Institute,Research and development of new recombinant protein drugs, Development of all products,Guangzhou R&D Center,Animal vaccine development,US Center(FIC-New target discovery, Technology/project evaluation.

  • Shandong R&D Center
    Shandong R&D Center
    Industrial transformation, Product technology improvement
  • Shenzhen Medical Research Institute
    Shenzhen Medical Research Institute
    Research and development
    of new recombinant protein drugs, Development of all products
  • Guangzhou R&D Center
    Guangzhou R&D Center
    Animal vaccine development

Three major biotechnology systems:Prokaryotic cell technology   Eukaryotic cell technology  Viable bacteria technology

Seven technology platforms:Recombinant protein secretion and expression platform  Recombinant protein therapeutics indusrialization platform Long-acting recombinant protein platform Strain technology platform Antibody Technology platform Vector Vaccine Technology platform

  • Recombinant protein secretionRecombinant protein secretionKexing Biopharm
  • Expression platformExpression platformKexing Biopharm
  • Recombinant protein therapeutics indusrialization platformRecombinant protein therapeutics indusrialization platformKexing Biopharm
  • Long-acting recombinant protein platformLong-acting recombinant protein platformKexing Biopharm
  • Strain technology platformStrain technology platformKexing Biopharm
  • Antibody Technology platformAntibody Technology platformKexing Biopharm
  • Vector Vaccine Technology platformVector Vaccine Technology platformKexing Biopharm