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Kexing Biopharm
Become the leader of high quality biologicals

Brand Connotation

"As a pioneer in the industrialization of genetic engineering drugs in China, Sinovac is committed to promoting the development of high-quality biological drugs and the continuous improvement of their clinical value.

Kexing Biopharm

Science and technology are the primary productive forces. At the beginning of the company's establishment, with the mission of "rejuvenating the country through science and education, serving the country through industry, and strengthening the country with health", it has started a great project of China's genetic engineering drug industry. After decades of development, Sinovac has engraved the imprints of each shining era with innovation, and jointly wrote a brilliant chapter in the life and health industry. In order to meet the unmet clinical needs, Sinovac's mission has been changed to "lean pharmaceuticals, lean drugs, and health protection", and is committed to the development of high-quality biological drugs and the continuous improvement of their clinical value, to protect human health and become a high-quality Biologics leader.

          Based on the needs of doctors and patients, Sinovac continues to carry out drug research and development and innovation. Through a comprehensive drug production quality management system, process optimization, continuous improvement, guarantee and enhance drug quality, and bring higher clinical value and more precise treatment drugs to doctors and patients.

          Lean pharmacy is only the first step in solving the needs of doctors and patients, and causal treatment and symptomatic medication are the key links that affect the efficacy of drugs and the health of patients. Sinovac Pharmaceuticals, through insight into the usage scenarios of doctors and patients and strict evidence-based medical research, Make the use of medicines safer, more effective, more accurate and more convenient.


Metaphor of self-healing power

The most prominent advantage of biopharmaceuticals lies in their "self-healing power". Here, we use a metaphor to use the most typical natural animal gecko with self-healing power (the tail can grow again after being broken) as a visual image to interpret the biological medicine. Self-healing power.

Keen Capture and Response

In addition to self-healing, geckos are also known for their keen capture and reflexes. The gecko is used here as an image, alluding to Sinovac’s keen and precise capture and insight into the needs of doctors and patients, and with a research attitude and positive response to the problems and challenges it finds, it creates value for doctors and patients.

Bring hope to patients

The regeneration of the gecko's docked tail is like recovering from a disease. This powerful self-healing ability shows hope for health for patients with chronic diseases.

Kexing Biopharm
Kexing Biopharm


Brand value proposition

Lean Pharmacy   Lean medicine   Guard health

Brand Pillar

Human innovation   System agility   Extreme deep plowing   Open cooperation

Brand personality

Realistic, Professional, Sensitive, Enterprising

Brand slogan

Lean Pharmacy   Lean medicine   Guard health   High-quality biopharmaceutical leader