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Quality Control
Based on changes in the spectrum of human diseases and insight into the needs of doctors and patients, Sinovac adheres to people-oriented innovation.


From drug R&D and innovation to stable and mature industrialized production and then to the continuous improvement of clinical value, all require lean management throughout the entire drug life cycle. As the leader of high-quality biologicals, it is the tireless pursuit and ultimate mission of Kexing Biopharm to safeguard health.

Kexing Biopharm Co., Ltd. ("the Company" or "Kexing Biopharm" for short), as a holder of marketing authorization, bears primary responsibility for pharmacovigilance related to its drugs. The head of the Company is fully responsible for pharmacovigilance work and has appointed a pharmacovigilance officer to lead and oversee pharmacovigilance activities. At the same time, a pharmacovigilance department has been established to be responsible for the specific implementation of pharmacovigilance activities, and a drug safety committee has been set up to analyze and make decisions on major drug safety incidents. A pharmacovigilance system has been established to monitor, identify, evaluate, and control adverse drug reactions and other drug-related harmful reactions through effective operation and maintenance of the system. Based on the safety characteristics of drugs, pharmacovigilance activities are carried out to minimize drug safety risks and protect and promote public health.