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13 2023.07

Business Unit Manager(Egypt)

Recruitment requirements:

Job Description:

1. Market research: Collect market and products information, including pharmaceutical industry and competitor data, and output market report regularly ;

2. Egypt Local partner interaction: To interact with local partners and promote self-owned products, research and get potential and highly demanded products for market access in Egypt, maintain the relationship with local partner in Egypt, explore and realize supply and demand, and maintain the continuous cooperation between the executive team of local Partners , so as to contribute to the benefit and sales from all varieties from KEXING BIOPHARM to EGYPT MARKET(Partners), products not limited to APIs and FDF;

3. Marketing and brand building:To Assist the country manager in the completion of the annual product promotion strategy, to maintain relationship with local partner, to track product performance in the market, and to promote product popularity in the local market and to upgrade local brand influence;

4. Negotiation on Project: To search and obtain the demand on suitable varieties on behalf of Kexing biopharm Egypt LLC, lead the negotiation with the demanding partner, to obtain support and close cooperation with sales, quality insurance, regulatory affaire , manufacturing and other departments in terms of project evaluation and term list;

5. Team building: To recruit, interview, assess, evaluate and appoint the team member for the business unit; to offer regularly empowerment training based on the changeable market conditions in Egypt; responsible for the overall knowledge accumulation and ability improvement of the business unit member.

Job Requirement:

1. Bachelor degree or above, Major in medicine, biotech or related pharmaceutical. Fluent in Arabic and English as working language.

2. 3 years working experience in pharmaceutical marketing. Proficient in domestic distribution channels and market information.

3. Good management ability on partner, excellent marketing strategy ability, with review close to the business, there are successful cases.

4. Capable for business negotiation and owning successful project experience in introducing and distributing products.

5. Being Proactive, with strong sense of responsibility and execution, good at communication and coordination of resources.

Work assessment points:

Number of developed local Agents , completion of sales targets, local resource network, academic promotion activities, quick access to market information, coordination in Egypt and abroad.

If you are interested, please send your resume to the company mailbox:  or call:Tel: 0531-55763609