Our primary mission is to provide safe, innovative, and high-quality drugs to more patients worldwide. To achieve this, we have implemented lean management throughout the entire drug life cycle to ensure that clinical benefits outweigh the risks.

Core products of Kexing Biopharm have been used in clinical practice for many years both domestically and internationally, with safety and efficacy being recognized by doctors and patients. They have already covered over 20,000 terminals in various provinces and cities in China, including nearly 7,000 first-tier or above hospitals.

Together with our partners, we focus on diseases whose medical needs are not adequately addressed globally and strive to overcome barriers preventing patients from accessing drugs. By responsible pricing, patient support programs, and other means, we make our drugs accessible worldwide. Currently, our high-quality drugs have been approved for market access and sold in more than 40 countries around the world, including Brazil, the Philippines, and Indonesia.


Kexing Biopharm actively fulfills its social responsibilities in key areas such as employee development, health and safety, and community building. As a responsible employer, we advocate a corporate culture of diversity and inclusiveness, value and respect the contributions of our employees, support their development, and leverage a rich talent pool to drive diversified business growth and social prosperity. We actively integrate industry resources and strength, focus on employee growth and development, promote health and safety, increase employment opportunities, contribute to the building of harmonious communities, etc.


Faced with global ecological problems and higher environmental protection standards for the pharmaceutical industry, Kexing Biopharm is committed to taking measures throughout its entire production and operation life cycle to reduce and eliminate negative impacts on the environment, protect and improve the environment and ecology, promote green development, and achieve harmonious coexistence between its development and environmental protection.

Kexing Biopharm has established a sound and effective environmental management system, carried out ISO14001 environmental management system certification, reviewed pollution prevention facilities and environmental protection procedures, comprehensively identified sewage discharge information and construction of polluting facilities, and timely updated the results of environmental information which are made public to the masses.