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Kexing Biopharm Attend the 5th Greater Bay Area Biopharmaceutical Innovators Summit

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Recently, the 5th Greater Bay Area Biopharmaceutical Innovators Summit has been held successfully in Guangzhou China. Kexing Biopharm Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kexing Biopharm", 688136. SH), as co-organizer , hosted the symposium -"Globalization of Biopharmaceutical, Investment, and Cooperation", inviting multiple industry veterans to discuss hot topics related to the deployment of biopharmaceuticals globalization business.

Kexing Biopharm

Dr. SHAO Kelvin , Vice General Manager of Kexing Biopharm, the chairman of the sub forum, said, "The upsurge of globalization has brought more understanding and thinking to the commercialization of Chinese innovative drugs beyond China market." Kexing Biopharm has always been guided by unmet market needs, actively layout and adhere to the "three high and one fast" standards of "high clinical value, high technical level, high international quality management and registration standards, and fast commercialization" to carry out the licensing-in of commercial projects. Kexing Biopharm has established a relatively complete overseas commercialization system and accumulated rich resources, forming core capabilities. We hope to work with our partners in China to achieve a global synchronized layout through the "Whole in One" cooperation model.”

The demand for high-quality biopharmaceuticals in the overseas market has intensified in recent years. Based on more than 20 years of accumulated commercialization experience, global three-dimensional marketing network and channel resources, and rapid overseas registration capabilities, Kexing Biopharm has actively established strategic cooperation with innovative pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad. The company continues to promote overseas commercialization through licensing-in. It has achieved registration and sales in nearly 40 countries, and holds more than 60 drug access certificates from countries and regions worldwide. In South America, Southeast Asia, Africa and other areas that head pharmaceutical companies generally ignored, Kexing has achieved full coverage in emerging countries or economic markets with a population of over 100 million and the top 30 global GDP. Its human erythropoietin injection has been at the forefront of domestic export sales of similar products for more than ten years.

As of the end of February 2023, many high-quality drugs introduced by Kexing Biopharm have reported successes in channel expansion and overseas registration progress: Albumin bound paclitaxel for injection, infliximab for injection, bevacizumab injection, and adalimumab injection have submitted registration documents to more than 30 countries.

Kexing Biopharm is the first company on The Science and Technology Innovation Board of Genzon, actively exploring biopharmaceuticals. It has always adhered to the platform-driven development model of "innovation+internationalization".The chairman of Kexing Biopharm Deng Xueqin has been carrying out a precise layout of target markets in terms of overseas commercialization of biopharmaceuticals. He said that Kexing Biopharm is a platform for domestic high-quality biopharmaceuticals to go international and the best partner to help more enterprises enhance their integration with global innovation. With the normalization of Chinese pharmaceutical companies going international and moving towards a broader overseas market step by step, Kexing Biopharm will also assist its partners in achieving high-quality development on the way of overseas expansion in various ways.

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